The most popular games in Video Poker will be outlined here and you’ll be given the hand rankings and winning hands for each type.

video poker jacks or better

Jacks or Better is played with a standard 52 card deck with no wilds. The object of this game is to obtain the highest ranking hand, with the lowest being a pair of Jacks or Better. Wagers are made on the odds that you can turn the cards in your hand into a winning hand. For example, you place your bet of $1.25 and you are dealt Five cards, you can then select which cards you want to keep and which to discard. Once you’ve discarded you are dealt different cards to replace the discarded ones, and this is your final hand. If you have a pair of Jacks or a higher ranking hand then you have won and you collect. The standard hand rankings apply to this game.

Deuces Wild is played very similar to the above with the addition of wild cards. All of the 2’s are wild and will complete any winning combination. For example, you are dealt two 10’s, a 4, a 6 and a Queen, keep the two 10’s and discard the remaining three cards and get three more dealt to you. The final hand shows your two 10’s, a Deuce( wild card ) a 9 and a 3. You have 3 of a Kind and you win this hand. There are a few additional winning hands in this game due to the wild cards. You can get a Royal Flush with wilds, 5 of a Kind and 4 Deuces wins a great payout of 1000 coins when you bet max. The lowest winning hand in this game is 3 of a Kind.

Joker Poker has one wild card ( The Joker ) added to the deck. You are dealt Five cards and have the choice of holding or discarding the cards of your choice. The added Joker will complete any winning combination. With this wild card added it is possible to get a Royal Flush with wild, Five of a Kind and the lowest winning hand is a pair of Kings

Aces and Faces gives you many more winning hands to try for. If you get four 2’s through 10’s you are paid 125 coins on a max bet, get four Jacks, Queens or Kings and you are paid 200 coins on a max bet and if you get four Aces you are paid 400 coins on a max bet. The lowest winning hand is a pair of Jacks

Tens or Better is basically the same as Jacks or Better with the only difference being that the lowest winning hand is a pair of 10’s.

For each of these variations, you can also find power poker versions that offer 4 hands to be played at a time, and in some casinos you can play 10 hands at a time. These are very exciting and fast paced games that can be a great change of pace.

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