Basic Strategy

Video Poker is a great game to play but if you are going to do it seriously you should go in ready with a strategy that you are sure that you can stick to. That is a very important part of strategy in itself, picking one that will work for you and sticking to it. Jumping back and forth between some will probably end up making you lose more in the end than winning.

video poker strategy

You must first decide whether you are going for big money or if you are going in for the smaller wins expecting them to add up the longer you play. There is a big difference in how you will bet and play for the two so this should be your first decision. If you are going for the big Royal Flush win, and you want to win the maximum of course then you should bet the maximum to get the highest win. Also if you are playing for that big win you will want to be more aggressive with what cards you keep and which ones you throw away. If you are going for a Royal Flush then you should not keep things like a Pair or Two Pair because you won?t be able to get the Royal Flush if you keep these cards. If you get something like a pair of Aces, then a Jack and a Queen you should get rid of the one ace and the other card to shoot for the Royal.

On the other hand if you are a player that is going to win the smaller wins and allow your bankroll to add up slowly you will play a lot different. You will keep more hands and never throw away a hand that is already a winner. Say if you have a hand that is dealt to you originally that holds Three of a Kind you will keep that and discard the other two cards to see what you get. Playing this way can lead to a hefty bankroll if you are playing at the top of your game. This is something else that you should always make sure to do, remember that you are playing for your real, hard-earned money so you should always go in to play your best. Although you don?t have to always bet the max since you aren?t going for the big win, it will increase the amount that you win if you do play more coins.

One final thing that will help you put Video Poker into perspective, you are not playing against other people like you would in a poker room or at a land based casino, you are playing against a machine. This can help you because you can take your time and not worry about the pressure from the other players. This is a very handy aspect because the more time you are able to take and think about your hand the better you will play the game.

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